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Academic Writing

Are you preparing to study at an English speaking university or need help with your written assignments currently? If so, sign up for one of our writing courses to improve this essential skill. Writing is often referred to as ‘the last skill’ because it must be taught. Let us support your business or academic needs with a writing-only or a writing-plus course. Both courses involve a piece of written work each week and we offer formative feedback and guidance as per the approach of British universities. This goes beyond correction, an approach often used in schools but which leaves you, the learner, dependent on the teacher. The writing only course begins with a personalised class in the first two weeks but then takes place over email. This means you truly can study when and where you like. The writing plus course involves a lesson with a teacher online every week at a scheduled time. Take a course with us, enhance your English language competence and learn to write beautifully.